Chris Steele-Perkins. Magnum Photographer


England - Black and White

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From the Pleasure Principle

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* Many other photographs than those shown here are also available for sale.

Prints are in the following collections amongst others.

Museum of London, London, UK

Tate Britain, London, UK

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

Open Eye, Liverpool, UK

Side Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

National Museum of Film, Photography and Television, Bradford, UK

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, IE

Arts Council of Great Britain

British Council

Beaubourg, Paris, France

Bibiotheque National, Paris, France

FNAC, Paris, France

Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C., United States

National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

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